Frank & Cora Hill

It is an honor for my husband Frank and I to get a chance to shower this young man, Blake McCoy, with words of gratitude. When I became of age and needed Medicare Supplement I had no idea what it was all about or even what I needed. We contacted Blake McCoy through a church member and she highly recommended we talk with him. He not only took us under his wings like family members he also came to our church and shared information with our senior members who learned so much from him which allowed others to be helped by him and educated by him.

The next year Frank, my husband, was now needing Medicare Supplement. We were so blessed to have had this young man work with me on the year before that we went back to Mr. McCoy and again was taken in and taken care of by Blake.

All people are called to do a great work but not all are chosen, Blake McCoy is one of the chosen ones to help those in need. Frank and I thank Blake so much for his gift of help and how he brings a family feel into his office as well as his staff members. Also because of his ability to personally connect with people we will continue to recommend others to seek him for their insurance needs. We pray that God continue to use him.