Medicare Give Back Plans Explained

Senior couple calculating Medicare expenses home

Helping You to Understand Medicare Give Back There are pros and cons of Medicare give back plans that will be helpful for you to know. Simplified, choosing the basic Medicare […]

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Are Lab Tests Covered by Medicare?

scientist in lab collect sample in test tube with cotton swab

Find Out if Your Lab Test Is Covered by Medicare Most Medicare recipients will need to have lab work for one reason or another in the coming years. Depending on […]

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Explaining the Medicare Late Enrollment Penalty

Close up senior man with glasses looking at laptop computer researching medicare penalties

While Medicare is intended to provide important health care coverage for seniors and the disabled, it comes with a host of rules that can make it tricky to navigate. One […]

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How Does the Medicare Donut Hole Work?

Pink donut on a blue background.

4 Things You Need to Know About the Medicare Donut Hole The Medicare donut (doughnut) hole or Medicare gap is one of the most complicated areas of Medicare. Due to […]

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Are Dental Services Covered by Medicare?

senior woman patient looking at x-rays with dentist in a dental office.

Estimates show there are over 63 million people enrolled in Medicare. If you are one of that number, you may have questions about your Medicare coverage. There are a lot […]

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65 and Still Working? Here’s What You Need To Know About Medicare

Senior in greenhouse

There are a lot of misconceptions about Medicare, especially for those who are still working at 65. Here are some of the most common questions and answers to help clear […]

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6 Tips for Caregivers Helping a Loved one Navigate Medicare

If you’re a caregiver helping a family member or friend enroll or manage their Medicare plan, navigating the complexities and nuances of healthcare plans can be challenging. However, learning some […]

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Sign Up for Medicare Online

For many Americans, Medicare is a vital component of their health care coverage when they retire. Where once there may have been employer coverage, something else is needed after retirement. […]

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Coinsurance vs. Copay

No matter what insurance plan you have, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re responsible for when it comes to costs. Although they aren’t necessarily related, copay and coinsurance can […]

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How to Choose a Primary Care Physician

The Health insurance plan you choose will determine the doctors, nurses, office staff, and other health care professionals you can see. Insurance plans often require that you find doctors and […]

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