Medicare Open Enrollment Period: How YOU can help your loved ones make informed decisions.

As your parents, grandparents, relatives, friends or neighbors face making their 2014 Medicare decisions, they may or may not ask you for help.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period can be a very confusing time for both seniors and their loved ones. While most Americans are fortunate to receive Medicare coverage at age 65, what many people do not realize is that traditional Medicare does not cover all of your health care needs.  It can be tricky to navigate the Medicare Maze with plan choices, eligibility requirements, enrollment and prescription coverage options.

While most people want to help their loved ones choose the right medicare plan, the amount of time it can take to research the BEST PLAN can be overwhelming. Often times seniors and their loved ones find it easier to stick with the plan that they had the year before. IIC cannot stress enough,  the importance of scheduling an Annual Medicare Review as many plans have coverage changes that can include; Doctor Networks, Out-of-Pocket Costs, Co-Pays, Prescription Coverage, etc.

We encourage you to take the time this holiday season to ask your loved ones if they have reviewed their Medicare Options for 2014.   Remember – the Annual Enrollment Period ends December 7th, 2013

Independent Insurance Consultants is an Independent Agency with Licensed Agents who are appointed with many carriers.  Our goal is to make sure that you have a complete understanding of ALL of your options.   Our agents are available to answer your questions over the phone or set up a time to meet at your home.

Please contact IIC for a free, knowledgeable and honest Medicare Review by calling us Toll Free at 1-866-691-5571.

Recent Medicare Surveys Show:

Seventy percent of people 64 and older say that selecting the right Medicare coverage impacts their ability to live a healthy life, according to a national survey of Medicare-eligible Americans conducted this year by Humana.

Sixty-four percent of people eligible for Medicare cite plan quality as the key factor driving them to switch their Medicare coverage, rating overall quality as more important than plan cost and the ability to continue receiving care from their current primary care provider.


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