How to get Help paying your Medicare premium

Do you need help paying your Medicare premium or deductibles?

You might qualify for a program called Qualified Medicare Beneficiary.  This program:

  • Pays your Medicare premium ($104 for more people).
  • Pays the $1,132 hospital bill Medicare doesn’t pay.
  • Takes care of the part of each doctor bill that Medicare doesn’t pay (deductible and co-insurance).

Who qualifies?  You qualify if you can answer “yes” to all three questions:

  1. Do you have Medicare or are you age 65 or older?
  2. Is your total monthly income $993 or less for a 1 person family or $1,331 or less for a husband and wife together? QMB counts all of your Social Security before money is taken out for your Medicare. But, QMB counts only half of your work income (up to $9,910 for husband and wife together)
  3. Do you have less than $7,800 in savings? ($10,620 for a husband and wife living together)

Even if you think your income is too high, you should still apply.  You might qualify for another program like SLMB or QI that will help pay your Medicare premium.

*Our staff will be happy to help you at NO charge.


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