Congratulations Knoxville Graduates

Congratulations Knoxville Graduates!

You can’t change the past – but you CAN plan for the future!

The Perfect Gift: We all know Life Insurance costs MORE the older we get!  Buying your loved ones a Life Insurance Policy when they are young allows you to LOCK IN THE PREMIUM- THAT WILL NEVER INCREASE – GUARANTEED!  A Whole Life Policy will last until she is 100 years old while building CASH VALUE!

“Twenty or Thirty years after all of the other gifts have been forgotten, Kelsey’s first Life Insurance policy will still be earning cash value that will help jumpstart her financial future!  Buying a Life Insurance policy now for only $172 per year (or $13 per month) will give Kelsey $20,000 worth of life insurance that can provide a benefit for unexpected events or even financial help toward her first home, wedding or traveling the world!” ~ Kim Olen

Call us at 865-691-5571 to find out how you can purchase a Life Insurance policy for your loved ones!


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