New to Medicare? How to Prepare for your Medicare Initial Enrollment

Welcome to Medicare! So if you have recently received disability, you are Turning 65, or leaving your employer plan, you are going to have questions regarding your Medicare initial enrollment.

Do you find yourself sifting through all the piles of mail and receiving phone calls from every insurance company telling you to pick their plan? If so, you know how confusing this time can be and how stressful it is to find the RIGHT Medicare insurance plan for YOU.

Here are some tips to prepare for your initial enrollment:
-Get the dates of when your Medicare starts and when you are eligible
-Review and make a checklist of your health concerns, prescription drugs, and physicians
-Think about your monthly budget
-Ask yourself whether you would rather have higher out of pocket costs to lower your monthly premium, or if you would rather pay a higher monthly premium to lower your out of pocket costs
-Make sure to enroll in Medicare
-We suggest meeting with a reputable, local,independent agent, that can show you multiple plan options.

Your next step is to take action! It’s very important to do so. Otherwise, you may have fewer choices and may pay more for waiting. Your Medicare enrollment windows open when you turn 65 or otherwise become eligible.

Your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is your first window for signing up. The exact dates of your IEP depend on your date of birth, or on the date you began receiving disability benefits.

Your IEP lasts a total of seven months. It includes:
-The 3 months before the month you turn 65, or before the month you get your 25th disability check
-Your 65th birthday month, or the month you get your 25th disability check
-The 3 months after your 65th birthday month, or after the month you get your 25th disability check

Now it’s time to choose and enroll into a plan. We suggest meeting with a reputable, local, independent agent for several reasons. Some of the reasons include:
-Give you a thorough Medicare needs assessment
-They will be able to educate you on your several plan options
-Show you the difference between a Medicare Supplement, a Medicare Advantage plan, and how original Medicare will work with these options. Remember, in 2015 most people will pay the Medicare premium of $104.90, unless you qualify for ‘Extra Help’ or make more money in some cases. Also the 2015 Part B deductible is $147.
-Review your personal budget, prescription drug costs, and make sure that you will be able to see the physicians of your choice.

We understand how confusing and important this process can be. Our knowledgeable benefit specialists are available statewide to help answer your questions.

Medicare is Confusing. We Make It Simple!
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