How does an independent insurance specialist benefit you?







Specialist is defined as: a person who devotes himself or herself to one subject or to one particular branch of a subject or pursuit.

Independent is defined as: not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free.

As we all know if you are Turning 65, comparing retiree benefits with private Medicare plans, or you want to confirm that you have the best coverage for your needs, you definitely want to meet with a Medicare insurance specialist to answer all your questions. What about those that receive ‘Extra Help’ on their Medicare premium and copays, or have Medicare with TennCare/ Medicaid, QMB, or SLMB?  Let’s face it, you are receiving mail from every company out there, harassing phone calls from agents, invitations to a seminar from every plan, and all they want to do is sell you a product.  We have a better idea… You need a independent specialist to listen to you, find out what your needs are and then find a plan to fill your needs and provide coverage for your lifestyle.  There are so many details and cost savings to look at beyond the monthly premium and doctor copays.  For example, what is the difference between a Medicare Supplement plan (also known as Medigap) and a Medicare Advantage Plan? When looking at a Medicare Supplement plan, did you know that all plans (by the letter) are identical coverage, except for the monthly premium? Since Medicare Advantage plans are ALL different, there are many details to look at: monthly premium, copays, coinsurances, annual out of pocket maximum (very important), provider networks, service area (where you live), star ratings, prescription copays, prescription formulary, etc.

So the question is… Do you want an independent specialist? YES.

By choosing an independent specialist, you won’t need to go to every seminar or meet with multiple agents every year trying to steer you into a product. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with one agency from year to year that reviews your needs and coverage options? Don’t you miss calling a local agency to answer your questions and know who you are?

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