Does Medicare Insurance Cover Chair Lifts?

A lift chair assists a person in shifting from a seated to a standing posture. When you press a button, the chair rises or lifts on an inclination, giving it the appearance of a reclining chair. Lift chairs are covered by Medicare if prescribed by a doctor for a medical reason.

When Will Medicare Pay for Chair Lift?

You need to meet a certain medical standards to be eligible for government reimbursement through Medicare part B. You may claim a lift chair if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have severe osteoarthritis of the hip or knee or a neuromuscular condition
  • The seat lift mechanism aids in the treatment of your ailment by stopping or slowing it down
  • Without the lift chair, you would be restricted to a chair or bed since your condition prohibits you from standing up
  • You can sit and stand yourself with the help of lift chair
  • Once you’ve gotten to a standing posture, you must be able to walk on your own

Ineligibility for Medicare Chair Lift Claim

You can not qualify for Medicare chair lift insurance if you don’t have Medicare Part B or live in a professional nursing facility or the hospital. You cannot claim lift chair coverage if you already got a manual/powered wheelchair or scooter through Medicare. If you don’t medically require a lift chair, you are ineligible to apply for this claim.

What Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare does not pay the total cost of the chair. Part B only covers durable medical equipment (DME), which includes the motorized lifting mechanism. If you qualify for Medicare, it can pay for up to 80% of the cost of the seat lift mechanism. After you’ve reached your deductible, the lift mechanism will cost you 20% of the Medicare-approved fee.

DME must fulfill the following requirements in order to be reimbursed by Medicare:

  • Durability
  • Medically required for at least 3 years
  • Medically benefits the injured or ill person

The remaining components of the chair (frame, padding, and fabric) are not medically required. Hence they are not covered by Medicare and you pay the whole amount for it yourself.

Procedure for Medicare Reimbursement

If you buy your lift chair from a Medicare supplier, you’ll probably have to pay the entire cost of the chair upfront and then apply for Medicare reimbursement. You will need to get a standard Medicare chair lift form filled out by your doctor to ensure that you are medically eligible for a chair lift insurance claim.

Within 12 months after acquiring the lift chair, either the provider or you must make a claim. If the supplier is a Medicare provider, it will generally file a claim on your behalf. If the supplier fails to file the claim for whatever reason, you can make a claim online. You must also submit supporting documents, including the claim form, an itemized bill and a letter stating why you are submitting the claim along with doctor’s prescriptions.

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