5-Star Rated Medicare Advantage Plans

Take a Look at Some 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance available to Medicare recipients. They are given the option to choose Medicare or Medicare Advantage based on their needs. Medicare Advantage includes some services, often drug plans, that conventional Medicare does not include. Services can still be obtained by paying out of pocket and/or signing up for supplemental insurance coverage. The 5-star Medicare Advantage plans receive their high ratings by passing strict standards.

What Are 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plans?

The 5-star Medicare Advantage plans are the Medicare Advantage insurance plans that have received five stars, meaning excellent, for benefits and services. These ratings are based primarily on surveys taken by Medicare Advantage customers and regular monitoring by Medicare. These 5-star Medicare plans include the highest marks in services that include:

  • Member’s overall experience with the individual plan
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Customer services

Some of the highest marks for benefits include:

  • Drug coverage
  • Drug safety and pricing
  • Customer service regarding drug coverage

What the Rating System Means

The Medicare Advantage rating system is a system of a plan being given one to five stars for their overall success in benefits and services, with one star meaning poor and five stars meaning excellent. This star rating system is as follows:

  • Five stars = Excellent
  • Four stars = Above average
  • Three stars = Average
  • Two stars = Below average
  • One star = Poor

Medicare Advantage plans strive to reach the highest ratings in both benefits for their customers and for services rendered.

How the Rating System Works

Medicare Advantage plans are rated in several ways. The goal is to get an overall picture of how each plan is fulfilling the needs of the recipients. Ways in which the information is gathered for the purpose of rating each Medicare Advantage plan in their service and benefits include:

  • Surveys filled out by patients
  • Medicare’s ongoing monitoring
  • Feedback from healthcare providers
  • Information gathered from billing regarding drug coverage that providers submit

Some 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plans

The ratings of each Medicare Advantage plan are subject to change as information is constantly being obtained. The Licensed Benefit Consultants at Medicare Insurance Advisors are here to help you to see which plans are 5-star plans.


When You Can Enroll in the 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plans

You can enroll in a 5-star Medicare Advantage plan from December 8 through November 30 of the following year. You can only enroll one time per year whether as an existing Medicare recipient changing your coverage or new to Medicare.